"Flexible, Fun, and Year Round"


Private Lessons

Custom Schedule

Custom recurring weekly schedules may be reserved up to one week in advance and are tailored to the individual student’s desired timeframes and number of lessons per week based on Swim School availability. Custom schedules can be changed or adjusted at any time based on available time slots and lessons can be discontinued with one-week’s written notice. Contact our office to enroll in any of our available lesson times year round.

One or Two-Week Immersion Session

Sessions may be reserved in advance and are offered seasonally at varying morning and afternoon times based upon demand and Swim School availability. Each one or two-week session consists of a recurring lesson at the same time, Monday through Friday over one or two consecutive week(s). Please contact our office for current schedule and to enroll in any of our available sessions.

Parent & Me

Classes are offered weekly at varying times based upon demand and Swim School availability. In order to maintain the appropriate group size, we start taking reservations exactly one week in advance. Please contact our office to enroll in any of our available classes year round.

Current 2019 Weekly Class Schedule

  • Monday - 11:40am
  • Tuesday - 9:20am & 11:00am
  • Wednesday - 11:20am
  • Thursday - 11:20am
  • Friday - 9:20am, 11:00am & 12:20pm
  • Saturday - 12:40pm

Pre-Swim Team

Qualified students join a Team that meets once per week at the same time from September though April. In April, each Team has a mini-Swim Meet to test the skills gained throughout the Season at which point individual medals are earned for each student’s specific strengths. Enrollment begins each year in mid August.


Students are responsible for payment of all scheduled Private and Pre-Swim Team lessons regardless of absence. However, lessons may be made up at another time. You may not use your regularly scheduled lesson time for make-ups. 24-hour notice of absence is appreciated. All make-up lessons are based on availability and scheduled through our Swim School Office.