Session Policies

  • Payment for 5 or 10-lesson sessions is due in advance and non-refundable. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.
  • A $25 annual registration fee per family (same household) is due at the time of initial registration and again annually on the anniversary month of initial registration if enrolled at that time. The registration fee remains in effect for an entire year, allowing clients to enroll, un-enroll, and use make-ups at any time while the registration is active.
  • Make-up lessons are limited to one (1) per session. We accommodate make-up lessons where students are absent so 24-hour notice of cancelation is appreciated. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny a make-up lesson for a no-call, no-show. It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of and schedule make-up lessons at a time other than their regularly scheduled lesson. Make-up lessons accrue to the families account and may be used by any member of the same household. *While make-up lessons never expire, if your schedule is inflexible, it is not advisable to miss your regularly scheduled lessons. We do not offer refunds or billing credits for missed lessons.
  • All lessons begin promptly at their start time. If a student is late, a full lesson is not guaranteed.
  • While we strive to do so, we cannot guarantee the same instructor for each lesson.
  • We guarantee the quality of every private lesson. We do not offer refunds, however, if you are ever not completely satisfied with your lesson we will provide a free additional lesson to be scheduled at a time other than your regularly scheduled lesson.
  • There is no free swim during lessons. Students can enter the water when called by their instructor and must exit at the end of their lesson.
  • All visitors are required to park, pick-up and drop-off in either our front or rear parking lots.
  • Our facility is located in a residential neighborhood. Visitors must respect our neighbor's privacy and property by staying off of their front yards and driveways at all times.